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I grew up in Calgary, Canada where I was raised in a dance studio. My mom, a former ballerina, owned Premiere Dance Academy, one of the largest dance studios in Western Canada. One of my earliest dance memories was watching my mom perform in The Nutcracker as a snowflake. I spent the majority of my youth in jazz, ballet, and tap classes, honing my dance and choreographic talents with the support of my Mom. Mom’s influence didn’t stop with me though. I’m the youngest of three dancing sisters. My middle sister, Marcia, was a ballerina for Le Grande Ballet in Montreal. My oldest sister, Sherrie, is a choreographer out of Vancouver. Whenever Sherrie and I get the chance, we try to join forces and choreograph together.  (Two is better than one!) Family and friends are number one with me. My wonderful husband Zac and I welcomed our daughter Lola into our family in November 2010, and I feel so blessed to have people in my life who are so creative and supportive of what I do, and whom I love so much.

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I find that being adventurous helps me to be even more creative and daring in my work. While I think I’ve always had an adventurous spirit (I’ve traveled the world with dance!), having a Hollywood Stuntman for a husband has really brought out my outdoorsy and wild side. I’m constantly overcoming fears, and I believe that not being afraid to try something new has helped me to think outside of the box.
Being fearless in your daily life leads
to being fearless in your business and creative life, and that is something I always strive for.

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I love helping others. I get such inspiration from working with people and animals. It means the world to me that I can be of service to them and to my community, but it also serves me to think outside of myself.
I volunteer as a dog walker with two different animal shelters in Los Angeles. I’ve also taken dogs into my home to help ease the transition between their shelter and their adoptive new homes. When I can, I also volunteer for an equestrian therapy program for young adults with developmental disabilities. I help take care of the animals, and assist with riding classes. The classes empower individuals with emotional and physical disabilities to find a sense of independence, responsibility, inner-strength and caring through the human/animal bond.

It’s incredibly inspiring. As touched on in my bio page, I also work as a choreographer for the wonderful
Hobart Shakespeareans – an amazing group of inner-city school kids that perform Shakespeare. I call this my “happy place.”  You have to see it to believe it. I have also donated my time choreographing the annual Halloween stunt show “Stuntacular” for the Make-A-Wish Foundation with more than 150 Hollywood stunt men and women from film and television. It’s a blast to do, and for such a wonderful cause!


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